Erasmus + – Announcement conclusion of the project

Erasmus + – Announcement conclusion of the project

SCIENTIA NEMUS Association announces the conclusion of the project “ACTIVE YOUTH – through democratic values”, a project funded through the ERASMUS PLUS program.

The project was implemented by the Scientia Nemus Association in partnership with the Community Council of Education in the municipality of Gotse Delchev BULGARIA, the Livre – Associação Cultural PORTUGAL and the ASSOCIACIO XERACION ASSOCIATION CULTURAL SPAIN in February – September 2017, and pursued the development of competencies in the sphere democratic values ​​for 32 young people between the ages of 16 and 20 from the four partner countries.

By implementing this project, the partners have proposed to achieve the following main objectives and have achieved the expected results:

 Involvement of 32 young people from 4 different social backgrounds in a process of competence development from the spectrum of democratic values ​​through participation in workshops organized in a non-formal framework, within the mobility of the 18th – 23rd of June 2017 in Băile Herculane, Romania. For 5 days young people have developed intercultural skills, shared their traditions and habits by organizing an intercultural evening, practiced English and spent quality time together.

 Implementation of 8 local campaigns with community impact by the young participants, having as object one of the 5 themes approached in the project, after the youth exchange. Thus, during the period July – August 2017, campaigns were organized and carried out in all partner countries, which had the role of increasing the awareness of democratic values.

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