ACTIVE YOUTH – through democratic values

ACTIVE YOUTH – through democratic values

The project : ”Active Youth- through democratic values”, has its main aim developing democratic values, viewed through five general and actual themes, among today’s young people: Human rights, Gender equality, Active citizenship, No hate speech and Virtual bullying.
Young people are mostly exposed to the phenomena of discrimination, intolerance and aggression, whether it is verbal, physical or virtual. The project wants to implement interactive activities to engage the participants in cognitive and experiential exercises, to be more aware of these European values. The main objectives of the project ”Active Youth- through democratic values” are:

O1. To involve a number of 32 youngsters, that come from different social backgrounds and different minorities, aged between 16-20, in a process of developing their competencies regarding democratic values, human rights, gender equality, active citizenship, no hate speech and virtual bullying
O2. To implement at least 8 local campaigns with an impact to the community, by the 32 young people, that come from 4 European countries, on one of the 5 main topics: human rights, gender equality, active citizenship, no hate speech and virtual bullying, after their participation at the youth exchange.
O3. To develop personally in a non formal context, an international group, mixed, of 32 participants from 4 countries.

The 32 participants for 7 days will take part at five thematic workshops from the area of democratic values, where they will develop themselves, in a personal way, will improve their linguistic and communicational abilities, will step out from their comfort zone and will have to simulate real life situations and experiences.

The participants are young volunteers with aged between 16-20 from Scientia Nemus Association and from associations from Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain.
At the end of the project the participants will receive a Youth pass certificate, as an international recognition of their work and participation. The expected impact of the project will be felt at its direct and indirect beneficiaries, at the group of young people that take part at this project, at the partner and the institutions and organizations from the community involved in educating the youngsters, answering the identified needs of the community as well as of the young people from it.

The local impact will be accomplished by the fact that 32 young participants (8 from each country), develop their abilities and knowledge from the sphere of the democratic values, increase their civic awareness, tolerance and are aware of their fundamental rights and duties, the fact that can determine these participants to involve themselves on the future in the life of their communities, can easily adapt in their own communities and on the labor market.
Locally, the project will have a strong impact through the public conferences of presentation and disseminating the examples of good practices, the project activities to the direct stakeholders such as: representative persons from NGOs, mass media, schools and local council.
The project will also have a huge international impact through our partners from 3 countries, namely, that during the whole project will be made a transfer of experiences, knowledge, information in the field of non formal methods, the traditions and customs of every partner country involved will be known and shared.